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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Swing and Court Mounted medals?

Answer: Swing Style or ordinary style mounted medals are mounted on a medal brooch bar allowing the medals to move or ‘swing’ when worn. Court mounted medals are fixed to a rigid backing material called buckram. This style of mounting holds the medals firmly in place and prevents them ‘chinking’ together and damaging each other when worn. Visit our Medal Mounting section to see pictures of both types.

Can Commemorative medals be mounted with Official medals?

Answer: If you are still serving in uniform then the official answer is no. If you have left uniformed service then the commemorative medals should be worn underneath any official medals.

How much will is cost for shipping/delivery?

Answer: Currently Insured Delivery costs £8.75 and this is something we use for all original medals. For items below the value of £20 the Delivery Charge is £4.00. For advice on shipping and peace of mind why not contact us for more information.

Can you tell me what medals I, my father, mother or partner are entitled to?

Answer: The MoD Record Office (Tel: 0141 2243600) maintains official records of all medal awards and should be able to help you. Another useful resource is The National Archives website: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk .However, why not contact us and we will try our best to advise and help you further.

How should I clean my medals?

Answer: Always use a soft cloth, a little 'elbow grease' and never anything abrasive. For particularly dirty or tarnished medals why not send them to us for a professional clean-up and polish. Perhaps your medal ribbons are in need of renewing? Why not contact us now to find out more about our service and how to send your medals safely to us.

What is the best way to send my medals to you?

Answer: Place your medals in a Jiffy Bag or suitable box with padding and ensure you post them to us using 'Special Delivery' for peace of mind. We and the Post Office will be able to track your medals on their journey to us should there be a delay in reaching us. Upon arrival at Bigbury Mint your medals are logged into our system and we will call you to let you know they have arrived safely.

Why do your Official replacement military medals have 'Copy' stamped on the reverse side?

Answer: This is required in order for us to conform to MoD Licensing requirements. The 'Copy' stamp on the medal reverse, however, is not overly prominent and is blended into the design work. As our medals are made to the very highest standards and could be mistaken for originals, the 'Copy' stamp ensures our medals cannot be sold on as such.

What is the lead time or turn-a-round time for orders?

Answer: We take approximately 2 weeks to complete orders but are always willing to meet reasonable deadlines if required. Just let us know if your order is urgent and when you need them by and we'll do the rest!

Do you take orders from abroad?

Answer: Yes, frequently, and as far away as Australia! You can order your medals through our website, over the phone or send your medals to us with an accompanying letter. Our full postal address is on our Contact Us page. If you need any more information or advice don't hesitate to call or email us now.

Can I just buy medal ribbon from you?

Answer: Yes, no problem, full size or miniature sizes. Let us know which medal it's for or describe the colours and/or colour banding and we'll run a stock check. To start the ball rolling contact us here to speak with an advisor.